german version

Who are you to speak?

a documentary by Maria Binder and Verena Franke

Five women and transsexuals from Istanbul speak about their experience of sexualized torture by the state, about how they are trying to come to terms with it, and about their struggle for social change.

They are between 30 and 56 years old. All of them have spoken out in public, denouncing the torture they suffered. For some of them, this has resulted in legal prosecution. They have been indicted for slandering the Turkish state.

The film centres around how these women cope with what happened rather than focusing on the crimes perpetrated against them. What are the repercussions of their experience on their everyday lives? How do they deal with their fears of being rejected by their families or social environment? How are the experiences of sexual violence, and the ways women have found to deal with them, handed down to younger generations?

This is a film about women who are trying to find their way through the conflict between independent, emancipated lives and traditional patriarchal circumstances. It shows the intersection of violence by the state and social gender construction.

Germany 2006, 64 min
Turkish with English subtitles
written and directed by Maria Binder, Verena Franke
Camera: Maria Binder, Verena Franke
Editing: Silvia Beck
Online-Editing: Heike Hoffmann

64 / DigiBeta Pal,DVD Pal or NTSC/ 4:3 / original Turkish version with English subtitles

Assistent: Almut Wetzstein; Translation: Veronika Hartmann, Tlin Duman, Almut Wetzstein, Ilknur Igan, Fatma lmez, Koray Yilmaz-Gney, Oliver Kontny; English subtitles: Oliver Kontny; Speaker: Ilka Teichmller, Arno Zicknick; Titel: Frauke Edda Groner; Audio-Support: Detlef Fluch; Audiomix: Theo Schulte; Colour correction: Stefan Engelkamp